Foundation Repair – How Do They Do It?

Foundation repair is usually needed, especially in Texas. Most new homes in Texas less than fifty years old, are constructed on a solid slab foundation-a thick, flat layer of concrete placed over the top of soil. As the slab is placed, it is supported by the soil and by concrete around it. When the slab does not support the weight of the home, or even if the home starts to sag, it becomes necessary for the foundation to be repaired.

The first step in foundation repair is to make sure that the foundation is level before placing any type of structure on top of it. Before pouring the foundation, it is important to measure out where the foundation will be and then to build it accordingly. For example, if the home is on an incline, the foundation will have to be built at a slightly higher level than if the home is on flat land. Also, the amount of soil that needs to be excavated from around the house will determine how high the foundation has to be built.

The second step in foundation repair involves laying down the different types of repairs. If the home is built with slabs, the contractor will pour a layer of cement or some other material on top of the slabs to keep them in place. Then, concrete is poured on top of the cement, and the next layer of material is added over top of this to form the foundation. Once the concrete is placed over the first layer, the foundation is then set into place.

A more complex method of foundation repair consists of creating a layer of paver blocks over the top of the soil, then building up the ground underneath to provide a firm base for a building. Finally, paver blocks are used to form a base on which the walls are poured, followed by additional paver blocks to fill in all the holes.

The third step in foundation repair for commercial buildings is called “skirting.” A skirting consists of two layers: the top foundation layer, and the bottom one. A contractor makes this layer over top of the lower layer. The materials used for the foundation layer and the skirting are very similar to what would be used for a home foundation, except that they are more durable.

Commercial buildings are built with the same method as homes-it’s just that they use a concrete slab instead of a wood flooring. Foundation repair can be a very involved process.