How to Apply Wallpaper

Wallpaper, also called wall covering, can add beauty to walls of any room of a home. Modern and vintage wallpapers with boarder can be a treat to eyes. Many people want to learn how to wallpaper wall of a room. Many homeowners think it is a very tough job. But the truth is that applying wallpaper to the walls of any room is a “do it yourself” (DIY) project. It doesn’t demand any painting techniques. All one needs to know are some of the basics.

To proceed with, let me explain what wallpaper is. As the name suggests, wallpaper is colorful design or pattern on paper applied to the walls of a room to make it look colorful and beautiful. Most modern wallpapers are made from vinyl, paper and cloth. These modern vinyl wallpapers are very durable and last long. They are suitable for walls of a bathroom or the kitchen to resist moisture.

How to Wallpaper Walls of a Room

The job is done by preparing the walls to apply wallpaper.

Preparing Wall to Apply Wallpaper

Wallpaper is applied over plaster or an existing painted wall. It can also be applied over an existing coat of wallpaper. Following are the steps to prepare a wall to apply wallpaper:

  1. Make sure there is no crack or hole in the wall. The surface must be smooth and flat. In case there are any holes of cracks, fill them with plaster and smoothen using sandpaper.
  2. Once you have ensured that the wall surface is smooth, it is time to make marking according to your needs. Use a string and pencil for marking and lining.

Cutting Wallpaper to Proper Size

Now is the time to cut the wallpaper according to the measurements. When cutting the wallpaper, allow an overlap on all ends.

Preparing Paste to Apply Wallpaper

Read the manufacturer’s instructions for best suitable paste. Mix the paste in a proper container as suggested by the manufacturer.

Applying Wallpaper to the Wall

  • Place the wallpaper on a table with the design surface down and apply the paste. Use a brush for the job.
  • With the help of other members of your family or your friends, slide the wallpaper onto the wall.
  • Smooth paper starting from the center and moving outwards. Use a clean sponge for the job.
  • Using a sharp pair of scissors or a wallpaper cutting knife, cut any uneven portion or edge.
  • Repeat the steps with all walls of the room. Make sure that the patterns on all the walls match up.
  • Make sure that the edges are butted against each other but not overlapped.

Most home wallpaper manufacturers will give instructions on how to apply wallpapers to the walls. Many of them will even do the job for you for little charge. In case you find it difficult to apply wallpapers yourself, it is better to hire a professional.