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How should people and goods move across borders?



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The debates on border control have consisted mostly of an argument against the free flow of people, with issues of benefits and competition for jobs cited as reasons for control. These can be countered by statistics showing that EU migration a) has a positive impact on the economy b)has a small fiscal impact c) is almost equal to non-EU migration (see links for references). Of course, whether this translates into job creation (especially at the lower end of the earnings ladder, where people...

Shalini Ananda
by Shalini Ananda
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Shalini Ananda
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Costlier Marmite and Weetabix, and Toblerone with valleys of air replacing mountains of chocolate – Brexit has already arrived at your local grocery store.   With more versions of Brexit than there are experts on the topic, and buzzwords like ‘soft' & ‘hard’, flying both left and right, the year since the referendum has been quite a ride. The UK will probably be forced out of the EU customs union when leaving the EU, which will create costly border barriers to trade. Unless there's...

Tollak Bowitz
by Tollak Bowitz
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Tollak Bowitz

The UK/Ireland border is one that would be quite controversial post-brexit. I personally think that the Common Travel Area between the UK and Ireland should be maintained. I do not think that the NI/Ireland border should be a hard border, but rather an open one, allowing British and Irish nationals to travel and import goods freely between the two countries.

James Von Katz
by James Von Katz
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James Von Katz
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