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Have you ended friendships because someone opened up about open borders?



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As it happens on social media, where we all limited in our own happy bubbles with friends having similar opinions, so I happen not to have many friends who voted 'leave'. Yet, I do know people who voted 'leave' at my University and they were very open and vocal about it. Although we have very different opinions on the subject, we had talked about Brexit and the European Union and we have not stop speaking to each other just because of Brexit. I think that as long as there is respect there is...

Valeria Vigilante
by Valeria Vigilante
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Valeria Vigilante

No matter what your view is on Brexit, it is important to listen to and respect the opinions of other people. As Brexit and the election of Trump showed, by not listening to one another unexpected political results are more likely to occur.  Too many leave voters are unwilling to listen to those who believe in EU membership and just brand them as ‘remoaners’, whilst many leave voters are wrongly branded as racist by remainers. Rather than being ignorant, we should listen and try to...

Ellie Couchman
by Ellie Couchman
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Ellie Couchman
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No, ending genuine friendships over Brexit seems a bit extreme, but at the same time as an EU national who wants to make a life in the UK, I can't help but take it a bit  personal, and maybe reassess the kind of friendship I'm in. Now if this was a romantic partner things would look a bit different, and offence would very much be taken! 

Sofia Munoz Gonzalez
by Sofia Munoz Gonzalez
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Sofia Munoz Gonzalez
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