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Has the Brexit vote affected your current relationship?



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The results of Brexit were totally unexpected overseas and after this much-talked about referendum people's views on Britons have significantly changed. Internationally Brexit is seen as a will to escape from the global debate and to let others face major issues such as immigration. Essentially Brexit is seen as a major isolationist movement. Europeans in particular seem to be rejected by Nigel Farage backers and not welcomed in the UK any more. Therefore Britons are starting to get their...

Pol Salvat
by Pol Salvat
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Pol Salvat

I've seen relationships affected by the vote. I think it was natural in a way, it was a vote which directly impacted peoples lives and people on both became passionately involved. I understand why people became upset. That being said, a year down the line, feelings have cooled. A little time has brought a bit more perspective. At the end of the day, politics is politics and life is life. Most good friendships can last longer than political squabbles.  

Isabel Flanagan
by Isabel Flanagan
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Isabel Flanagan
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