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Scotland’s membership in the EU first came up as an issue for us in the 2014 Independence Referendum, when we looked at it from the perspective of whether we could continue to be a member as a new, independent state. After we voted No to an Independent Scotland the issue was not discussed very much, until the 24th of June 2016 when we discovered that the UK had voted to Leave. Scotland voted to remain by 62% to 38% and all council areas backed Remain.

  • Is Scotland being dragged out of the EU against it’s wishes, or should Scotland respect the outcome of the EU referendum as we have voted to be part of the UK.
  • Should there be a second Independence Referendum?
  • Do we trust that Westminster will continue to support areas, such as the Highlands and Islands that have benefitted from EU funding?

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Scots were not misled in 2014... except by the SNP. It is absurd and hypocritical of the SNP to suggest that a second independence referendum could be justified by the United Kingdom leaving the European Union. There are two reasons for this: (i) Scottish independence in 2014 was without a guarantee of EU membership and the SNP were happy enough to throw us into the abyss then in pursuit of the one political ambition that blinds them to real implications and (ii) to claim that Scottish...

Cameron Hardman
by Cameron Hardman
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Cameron Hardman

Keir Starmer has suggested 6 changes to the "paused" repeal bill - one of which is that repatriated powers that would normally fall under the remit of the devolved administrations go straight to them, rather than through Westminster. Is he right?

Alice Stewart
by Alice Stewart
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Alice Stewart

In 2014, David Cameron claimed that "the debate has been settled for a generation and that there can be no disputes, no re-runs". But the genie is already out the bottle, the idea of Scottish independence is an idea that the Scottish Nationalist Party, and other leave supporters in Scotland, will not let go. After all they cannot, for devolution and Scottish independence is the raison d'être of the SNP.  The Brexit vote therefore, in June 2016, has therefore given independence supporters a...

by HWT
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There is speculation floating around social media and the mainstream press surrounding the possibility of a second independence vote in Scotland. This is absolute nonsense. The blinkered vision of the SNP cannot see past the overwhelming result from 2014 that saw 55.3% of the vote go against independence in a referendum that saw the highest voter turnout since universal suffrage was introduced. In 2014, 84.6% of registered voters voted. Last year, only 67% did. This compares with 72% in...

George Marlow
by George Marlow
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George Marlow