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Take a look at our latest survey. We want to hear from YOU what kind of Brexit you want to see, if any at all.


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We know: i) that the DUP will not accept any border between Ireland and the UK ii) that there cannot be a hard border in Ireland for the Good Friday agreements to be respected — violating this may well render the situation dangerously volatile iii) that the EU has ruled out a Swiss scenario of tailored membership of the customs union, which it deems excessively laborious to continually re-negotiate iiii) that due to the most-preferred nation clause in article 8.7 of CETA, Britain cannot...

by ScipioTheYoung
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What kind of Brexit? It is easy answer: Just no Brexit. Not because it my wish...but Brexit it will be positive only for richest and elite. As one of hard working people in UK, one of EU migrants, one of tax payer, one of parent if Brexit will happen my own and future of next generation will be ripe off. We lose the right to be friend with others, not to be enemy like many times in before. Most of my work colleges voted Leave and I presumes they will vote again, but why we cannot voted?...

Slawomir Fejfer
by Slawomir Fejfer
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Slawomir Fejfer