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Delay warning 

With three cabinet ministers suggesting that Brexit should be delayed if the deal is voted down again by parliament, perhaps we are seeing some politicians start to come to their senses about the disastrous impact of a no deal. The threat of leaving without a deal is becoming more and more likely, but maybe their statements will bring some pressure and the political momentum needed to prevent it. It's relieving to finally hear some government figures issue this warning considering the government has repeatedly refused to rule out a no deal over the past few months. 

Alexander Dossche 3 weeks ago

Would a delay not be problematic? The longer the UK lingers inside the EU, the more it will lose its sovereignty as it hangs on to the EU without having any votes on its developments. A threat of delay or threat of leaving without a deal are equally daunting in the sense of the UK's weak position to the EU no?

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Alana Roberts 2 weeks ago

I think it will only happen if the UK can be clear and reasonable about exactly what it wants. There has to be something new put on the table for the EU27 to agree to an extension. It would also pose a lot of challenges if the extension goes beyond the European elections this summer.

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Alexander Dossche 1 week ago

Yes exactly. When there would be an extension, how large would the UK turnout be for the European elections? :)

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