Generation Brexit

British pro-Europeanism

Britain’s reasons for joining the EU were based on economic rationale.Since the very beginning, we have lacked an emotional, political attachment to the European project, without being able to build up a widespread pro-European movement based on more emotional arguments. I hope that Brexit has sparked the beginning of such a movement. 


Alexander Dossche 1 day ago

Yes indeed, the March this weekend could very well be the start of such a change! But how many British people have now actually changed their opinion you think?

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Alana Roberts 1 day ago

I think there are a fair few people who have changed their minds, but while the pro-european movement is really growing in strength, I do think its main weakness is taking a confrontational stance towards those who are very strongly anti-EU, rather than trying to win them over. But there are a lot of social media campaigns which definitely do show some change in opinion, for example the @remainernow twitter account. It was inevitable I think that some people would change their minds, particularly those who were not well informed and perhaps didn't have very strong opinions on the EU in the first place. The challenge now is to win over the hard Brexiters!

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