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Praise of Folly (by Erasmus)

Elena Turci
Elena Turci | 6 months ago | in Breaking Up/Paying Up

Brexit does not mean to cut down on opportunities.

UK nationals should be able to access the Erasmus programme. UK status should be similar to the one held by the Associate Countries.

The Higher  Education field in UK would also benefit from the arrival of EU nationals deciding to work or study in Great Britain's universities. 

At the same time, EU should allow and foster UK nationals access to education on the continent.

This measure should not violate the principle of equality. Therefore, students  or higher education professional should not have a significant easier access if compared to other categories. 

Isabel Flanagan 6 months ago

Great point to bring up. Can you see a specific way of the government ensuring this while trying to push for limited migration which was proposed in the referendum? Should students be given a special status of sorts?

Antone Christianson-Galina 6 months ago

Status changed to Great idea

Alice Stewart 6 months ago

Would it be worth considering a Swiss model? A series of bilateral agreements with universities?