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Divorce bill should be shared

Fred Cullen
Fred Cullen | Jun 26, 2017 | in Breaking Up/Paying Up

Britain and the EU should settle on a total amount and split it half and half. That's fair and square. This will keep relations good in the future. I am thinking about the Treaty of Versailles. It was too harsh on Germany and led to Hitler. Britain has not even lost a war. It's just decided to leave. The EU doesn't want an angry Britain. Nor does the EU its own countries feeling sorry about the bad treatment towards Britain. They might fancy getting out too then.

Jennifer Hodge Jun 26, 2017

I very much agree with your point that an unreasonably harsh bill levied on Britain would unnecessarily danger the long term relationship between Britain and the EU. I also think of the Treaty of Versailles as a warning from recent history of the dangers of too harsh a bill. However, Britain has decided to exit the EU, rather than the other way round. I think splitting the bill of a decision that Britain has made seems somewhat unfair to EU citizens? To me, what seems fairest is that Britain settles those obligations it is legally obliged to pay, as at the the date of our exit from the EU.

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Isabel Flanagan Jun 29, 2017

I agree with your sentiment, in this Brexit situation it is hard to create a fair deal where both the EU and UK come out as equal partners. I hope this is what both representatives in UK and Brussels are trying to achieve when they go to the negotiating table. I think part of the Brexit Bill issue is that they cannot agree on how much the actual bill is, the EU has a 'higher estimate' while the UK uses a 'lower estimate'. Which number do you think should be split in half?

Ellie Couchman Jun 29, 2017

I agree with you that a win-win solution is the best outcome. However, that may not be a simple 50/50 split of a bill. Do you perhaps think that the best way is for both parties to pay a more accurate amount - regardless if someone has to pay a lot more than another...? Do you think that so long as the amount each party pays is based on principles that both parties agree to, then the actual figure will be less important?

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