Generation Brexit

Whatever is agreed should be mutual

Fred Cullen
Fred Cullen | Jun 26, 2017 | in Custody Battles

Britain and the EU countries should agree this at the same time. Whatever one gets, the other should also get. All the Europeans living in Britain now should be able to stay, as long as they are working and/or contributing to the real economy. Same for Brits living in the EU.

Lev Bronstein Jun 26, 2017

Would such an agreement not anger the pro Brexit crowd who see these foreign EU workers as taking their jobs?

Barbara Aubin Jun 27, 2017

Many details are still to solve: what would be the cut-off date for EU citizens to arrive in the UK? What will be the consequences resulting from a period of unemployment?
And finally, it seems to me that UK citizens living in the EU are mostly retired people while EU citizens in the UK are largely young, dynamic and profesionally active. Would this make any 'employment' criteria difficult to implement?

Isabel Flanagan Jun 29, 2017

What do you mean when you say "contributing to the real economy"?