Generation Brexit

Do we have to???

Sadly yes. 

As much as many don't agree with the idea of it we need to accept the fact that it has to happen. It would be a subversion of democracy for the government to not follow through on what the people voted for. While it may not be the best path forward for the country if governments choose when they have to listen to voters and when not to it can create a dangerous precedent for democracy in this country. The Brexit vote was not an election that elected a government to do what they see as the best on the issue it was "a referendum with a very simple in or out choice" as David Cameron put it.

While the current government does need to lead the UK out of the EU it is important that they do so with still keeping a close relationship with the EU. The UK cannot survive without economic connections to the continent and it is important that  these ties are kept as much intact as possible. Hopefully this government can find a way to successfully pull off the 'soft Brexit' that so many people are calling for. Im not sure how or what that will look like but I am curious how these negotiations will go. 

Marta Lorimer Jun 28, 2017

Hi Lev, I agree with you that unless there is a significant change in circumstances (something ver, very radical) it is necessary to leave the EU - after all, there is a mandate for it. What I wonder is what a soft Brexit looks like. Do you have a hunch of what it should be like? What are the essential points of a soft Brexit? is it just economic or are you thinking of a more comprehensive agreement?

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Lev Bronstein Jun 29, 2017

My interpretation of what a soft Brexit looks like would be one that Britain keeps economic ties with EU in a similar to the way to Norway but does technically leave the EU. While this will likely mean that the UK will have to still abide by many of the same regulations that triggered some to want to leave the EU it will accomplish leaving the institution but will hopefully minimize damages to the British economy

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