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We need to put the rights of citizens first in Brexit negotiations

Marta Koch
Marta Koch | Jun 30, 2017 | in UK's and EU's Common Future

The Brexit negotiations should focus on establishing a fruitful future relationship between the UK and EU based on the Article 50 notification principles, including the need to agree to a comprehensive agreement to prevent delays and repeat negotiations and prioritising the rights of citizens in technical talks on detailed policy. 


Isabel Flanagan Jul 4, 2017

I agree with your point, the EU and UK must to remember that - no matter what the negotiations agree upon - they will need to work together in the future. Apart from the negotiations going smoothly, how do you feel the UK can avoid straining this relationship? Do you think a hard versus a soft Brexit position may have an affect?

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Marta Koch Jul 4, 2017

A soft Brexit may be best to leave the UK's relationship with the EU as close as possible to the existing arrangement, but there is a risk that this could lead to deals having to be renegotiated later on, or that it may not politically work and we have lingering uncertainty after negotiations as a result, so it would have to be handled carefully by both sides.

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Peace Ani 2 months ago

Great point. I wonder if your views have changed in light of recent developments.

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