Generation Brexit

Let's agree what we can agree on first.

The immediate aim of the negotiations should be to protect the rights of current EU citizens in the UK, and EU citizens in the UK. These citizens who have moved and worked abroad should have their rights fully protected even after the UK leaves the EU. After basic and fair rights are sustained for citizens, the next aim of the negotiations should be other areas of cooperation, looking at a continued sharing of security and intelligence services. This would set a positive tone for the next stage of negotiations where there may be harder things to agree. 

Liam Robson Jul 1, 2017

I definitely agree that it would be good for security and intelligence sharing to be sorted out in these early stages, like citizens' rights hopefully will be, instead of turned into a bargaining chip. I think most people would be uncomfortable with that happening in light of the recent attacks across the UK and EU.

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Arty Hart Jul 1, 2017

I agree that the citizen rights issue should be resolved first and put to bed quickly. However, I think issues such as military and security issues should be agreed to in principle, and only ratified when satisfactory agreements are reached in other areas of the deal.

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Ellie Couchman Jul 4, 2017

Thanks for your comment Arty. Do you not think that there is the risk of getting a 'bad' deal if we use intelligence sharing as a bargaining chip? If security issues are only ratified when the UK believes they have secured a 'good' deal, there is the possibility that the UK will actually lose out by setting a bad tone in the negotiations. I'm not sure that threatening the EU is the best method.

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