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Brexit: Gibraltars worst nightmare...

Alejandro Newsome
Alejandro Newsome | Jul 1, 2017 | in Get Off My Border

Gibraltar may be a small territory only really known for its sun, monkeys, low taxes and huge rock, but it is bound to have a massive and controversial role in the negotiations. Gibraltar needs the Spanish land surrounding it (La Línea), and local Spaniards need Gibraltar (10,000 commute to work everyday).  A fair and practical solution should be met (10 million tourists cross the border every year). Only 4% of Gibraltarians voted to leave, an exception should be made for them in the final deal. Maybe this is the time to resolve once and for all the petty historical disputes between both countries over the rock!

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Arty Hart Jul 1, 2017

I think in terms of military worth, Gibraltar is far too great a prize for the UK government to bargain with. Moreover, the inhabitants of Gibraltar want to remain under UK rule.

Alejandro Newsome Jul 2, 2017

Hi Arty, your comment is very true, and it hits on two facts which I didn't mention. I wasn't trying to say that Britain should give up, or bargain with Gibraltar. Even though Gibraltarians (or as they calle themselves 'Llanitos') want to remain British, it is also true that there are incredibly strong linguistic, cultural and economic ties with Spain. I believe that whatever the Brexit deal is, there should be an exception made on Gibraltar so its citizens don't suffer an "embargo" of sorts. And also, maybe Brexit can be a good excuse to finally deal with the water disputes and the tax haven state of Gibraltar once and for all.

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Rebecca W Jul 11, 2017

Will there be special arrangements for this border? Maybe Gibraltar and Northern Ireland could be discussed together? Although I guess the DUB wouldn't want that!