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Forget it, Britain will not make its laws

Alejandro Newsome
Alejandro Newsome | Jul 1, 2017 | in Foul Play!

In such a globalised and interconnected world Britain will still be subject to international courts. Whether its the ECJ or a new court, the UK laws will (and should) be shaped by EU laws. 

Arty Hart Jul 1, 2017

Initially, shaped by EU laws, yes. But over time, we may seek to lead in the development of new laws.

Rebecca W Jul 1, 2017

I agree with Arty. Going forward, British laws should develop to fill the space left by EU laws.

Alejandro Newsome Jul 3, 2017

Hey Arty and Rebecca! Thanks for your comments :). I completely understand where you are coming from. I believe that the UK will indeed move away from the ECJ and European law making in general, but I also think it will be impossible to completely break away from it. Whatever the deal ends up being, there will still be high number of migrants from each side living in the opposite one, and a great deal of economic cooperation. Because of this, I think to a great degree Britain will still be subject to whatever the EU decides when making laws, and the ECJ will still have jurisdiction over the UK to some degree.

Do you think the UKs priority should be to get rid of the ECJ even if that mean having 'no deal´? Any other thoughts?

If you haven't yet, I recommend that you read the blog post "Whats the deal with the ECJ" that Generation Brexit has posted.

And this article is also interesting:

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Pol Salvat 11 months ago

That is an interesting point. I agree that in a globalised world we are moving towards global standards, approved almost unanimously. It is cleat that the UK will be steered by the global economy, international laws and also but worldwide trends.