Generation Brexit

Divorced partners but still friends

After Brexit, there should be a solid and close partnership between the UK and EU. This is important not only for potential financial and economic deals but also (and more importantly) for the many UK citizens across Europe and EU citizens in the UK. In this regard, the Brexit negotiations are key important also for shaping the future UK-EU relation.

Tricia Gallagher Jul 1, 2017

My worry is that this is going to be one of those divorces where the two sides never speak again.

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Valeria Vigilante Jul 5, 2017

Hi Tricia, I am worried too. Yet, I do think that this would be disadvantageous for both parties and thus they are likely to avoid it (at least I hope so). Do you have any idea on how to avoid a totally broken relationship?

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Tollak Bowitz Jul 8, 2017

I fear the same, but hopefully there are enough people realising that there is a mutual interest and benefit in a good working relation - for business both also for individuals! Of course there are so many things to figure out, on so many levels, but still.

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Tobias Jacobsen Jul 3, 2017

I don't think divorce is right. Family argument is better. We were family before the EU and we will be family after.

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Tom Badley Jul 8, 2017

WHY? We don't need Europe. We have America and the Commonwealth. That's lots more people to trade with.

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