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The aim of the negotiations ? - To go through with Brexit

The aim of the negotiations should be to foremost respect the fact that a referendum has taken place, and that the people have voted out. It should however be a negotiation that is representative of the whole population of the UK including EU nationals living in the country and UK nationals living in other EU states. In order to reach a divorce that is as painless as possible. This includes both the people who voted out and those who voted in. 

Tom Badley Jul 8, 2017

Out means out. There is no going back. Remoaners have to accept that.

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Tollak Bowitz Jul 8, 2017

Out does indeed mean out - I don't think that's the point of the author. Rather that the negotiations should respect the interests of everyone in the UK. Polarisation is surely not desirable.

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Tollak Bowitz Jul 8, 2017

Completely agree! Thankfully there has been more discussion of what Brexit means - instead of just "brexit means brexit"... And that the negotiations will be for both remainers and brexiteers alike. But the second part of your point, that the interest of EU nationals should be respected as well, has been less important it seems.. Or what is your opinion on that?

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Sofia Munoz Gonzalez Jul 24, 2017

I definitely agree with both your points, and I hope that as the negotiations progress, EU nationals and UK nationals abroad are considered as full members of their respective societies in which they reside in, instead of just being seen as bargaining chips. As we have UK nationals living full lives in other European countries and EU nationals living in the UK. The wishes of EU nationals living in the UK have definitely been ignored to a certain degree, and so have the wishes of UK nationals living in other European countries. It would now be interesting to see if other European states manage to give UK nationals better legal rights then what the UK could potentially give EU nationals?

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Tricia Gallagher Jul 11, 2017

And it has to respect the fact that the people of Scotland and Northern Ireland voted differently from the rest of the UK!

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