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A chance to rebuild

Rebecca W
Rebecca W | Jul 1, 2017 | in UK's and EU's Common Future

I think Brexit means we have a chance to rebuild our society. There is so much division in the country now. Look at what happened in the election. I'm not sure what Brexit will mean. I hope we will use this time to decide what sort of country we really want and then make it actually happen. If nothing really changes then what is the point?

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Tricia Gallagher Jul 1, 2017

Rebuilding must also mean recognising the desire of Scotland & Northern Ireland to remain a part of the EU. It isn't just England who gets to decide what happens next.

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Valeria Vigilante Jul 12, 2017

I really like this idea of rebuilding, Rebecca. Do you have any suggestions on which direction this rebuilding should go?

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Dillon Somia 1 month ago

Agreed, we need to heal the deep divisions the referendum caused in society. I think the division that was most prominent was the polarization of views between the metropolitan elite and the working class heartlands of the country. These divisions were fueled by separate information bubbles and a discontent/content with the direction the countries going in.

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