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Divorce bill? Yes, but in instalments please.

Whatever sum is eventually agreed, I think that the most important thing is to divide the payment in different instalments. This is necessary for two reasons: 1) to not weaken a potential economic partner in the future; 2) to avoid acrimonies, which might undermine future relations. 

edited on Jul 1, 2017 by Valeria Vigilante

Marta Koch Jul 2, 2017

Brilliant idea Valeria, I think this would be the best option for both parties! Do you think delaying the payment of the full 'divorce bill' could also create problems in terms of delaying the Brexit negotiations process, though, when it seems that deciding on this is needed before we can move on to discussing the specific terms/details of the divorce and the future relationship between the UK and EU? How do you think this could be resolved or avoided? Does anyone else have any ideas?

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Tollak Bowitz Jul 5, 2017

I completely agree, and if i'm not mistaken, I think such an idea has already been mentioned - 'a schedule of annual payments' to be made by the UK. Hence, insofar there is agreement on the size of the Brexit divorce settlement, it is possible to continue with the other issues on the table - but well before the payments have been actually made.

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Elena Turci Jul 2, 2017

Fully agree. EU need a stable and strong Britain and the door should be kept open!

Tobias Jacobsen Jul 3, 2017

This seems fair to me.