Generation Brexit

We chose to, we pay

Scarlett Aylen
Scarlett Aylen | Jul 2, 2017 | in Breaking Up/Paying Up

The UK has decided to leave the EU therefore we must pay for everything that is required of us.

Elena Turci Jul 2, 2017

In principle, this is alright. However, I think it would be difficult for the Tories to accept something like that and also for the Brexiteers. After all the cuts done to the welfare it would be hard to explain to people why they have to pay whatever amount the EU asks without questioning.

Tom Badley Jul 3, 2017

So if you choose to leave a club and on the way out the boss keeps raising the door charge, you are just gonna pay it? NO WAY!

Scarlett Aylen Jul 3, 2017

well we signed the consent form saying we'd pay if we left

Tollak Bowitz Jul 5, 2017

Interesting idea, and this would certainly help on the future relationship between the EU and the UK but what does 'everything' mean? Does that include payments for farm subsidies and administration of the EU? Or pensions and EU borrowing?