Generation Brexit

Love chocolate, but fed up with Brexit? The table is set

Tollak Bowitz
Tollak Bowitz | 7 months ago | in Get Off My Border

Costlier Marmite and Weetabix, and Toblerone with valleys of air replacing mountains of chocolate – Brexit has already arrived at your local grocery store.  

With more versions of Brexit than there are experts on the topic, and buzzwords like ‘soft' & ‘hard’, flying both left and right, the year since the referendum has been quite a ride. The UK will probably be forced out of the EU customs union when leaving the EU, which will create costly border barriers to trade. Unless there's another u-turn around the corner.

The ‘plan for Britain’ – “stronger economy and fairer society” – could be nothing more than a catchy phrase. And even with a successful 'special' UK-EU customs union deal, goods would still be controlled at the border - costly! The future is real, and it would be better without any "Brexit means Brexit'-nonsense. 

What's your opinion? Happy with the UK-newspapers? Or do you think smaller and costlier chocolates be good for.. health? 

edited on Jul 11, 2017 by Tollak Bowitz

Gaia 7 months ago

Toblerone means Toblerone.

Tom Badley 7 months ago

Brexit means the best of British: Mars Bars!

Tobias Jacobsen 7 months ago

Be careful, or you might miss out on Haribos!

Tricia Gallagher 7 months ago

Terry's Chocolate Orange...hoping Brexit really does come apart with a tap!

Cheryl Chiang 4 months ago

Interesting point of view! It's important to realize that brexit will affect our way of life down to the small things like the price of chocolate!