Generation Brexit

Love chocolate, but fed up with Brexit? The table is set

Tollak Bowitz
Tollak Bowitz | Jul 11, 2017 | in Get Off My Border

Costlier Marmite and Weetabix, and Toblerone with valleys of air replacing mountains of chocolate – Brexit has already arrived at your local grocery store.  

With more versions of Brexit than there are experts on the topic, and buzzwords like ‘soft' & ‘hard’, flying both left and right, the year since the referendum has been quite a ride. The UK will probably be forced out of the EU customs union when leaving the EU, which will create costly border barriers to trade. Unless there's another u-turn around the corner.

The ‘plan for Britain’ – “stronger economy and fairer society” – could be nothing more than a catchy phrase. And even with a successful 'special' UK-EU customs union deal, goods would still be controlled at the border - costly! The future is real, and it would be better without any "Brexit means Brexit'-nonsense. 

What's your opinion? Happy with the UK-newspapers? Or do you think smaller and costlier chocolates be good for.. health? 

edited on Jul 11, 2017 by Tollak Bowitz

Gaia Jul 11, 2017

Toblerone means Toblerone.

Tom Badley Jul 11, 2017

Brexit means the best of British: Mars Bars!

Tobias Jacobsen Jul 12, 2017

Be careful, or you might miss out on Haribos!

Tricia Gallagher Jul 13, 2017

Terry's Chocolate Orange...hoping Brexit really does come apart with a tap!

Cheryl Chiang 9 months ago

Interesting point of view! It's important to realize that brexit will affect our way of life down to the small things like the price of chocolate!