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Ellie Couchman
Ellie Couchman | Jul 12, 2017 | in Get Off My Border

At airports, seaports etc. we should still continue to have separate aisles for EU passport holders. There should be three aisles:

British passport holders

EU passport holders

Rest of the world passport holders

In this way we continue to recognise that we are European and can exercise more of a light touch for EU citizens compared to non-EU citizens travelling in and out of our country.

Although it is not likely that this will be reciprocated the other way (e.g. British passports having special rights to other non-EU passport holders when travelling in the EU), it will allow the UK to try and maintain its high tourism rates – something that will benefit the UK economy. This will send out a positive message that the UK is ‘open’.

Marta Koch Jul 12, 2017

Love this idea! It would probably be much easier to change to this option and speed things up at border control as well because less people would be in the 'rest of the world' aisle.

Valeria Vigilante Jul 12, 2017

This is a very good idea. I think that many people are worrying about passport controls and how it will slow down significantly after Brexit. This proposal might resolve this problem without conflicting with the potential new border controls regime after Brexit.

Tom Badley Jul 13, 2017

No queue jumping here if we have to get in line there!

Manuela Cristiano Jul 13, 2017

Brilliant idea!! As you said, this would be an advantage both for the UK economy and for EU citizens as it would also be one of the easiest options to put in practice.

Tricia Gallagher Jul 13, 2017

I think this is a really good idea. Could Scotland and NI do this even if the rest of the UK did not?

Valeria Vigilante Jul 13, 2017

It is hard to tell. Both Scotland and NI are pushing to influence the negotiation process. The possibility for Scotland and NI to have a similar deal, without the UK being part of it, is unlike. Yet, at this point in the negotiations is difficult to make a prediction.

Tollak Bowitz Jul 15, 2017

Definitely agree. It's very difficult to speculate in this as it currently stands, and I also don't think the Irish border could offer that many solutions for Scotland - perhaps beyond the way to influence the debate? Setting the agenda and shaping the discourse etc. Beyond that, perhaps not too much..

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Alejandro Newsome 11 months ago

I love it!! Please keep these great ideas coming!

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