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Citizenship? Nationality? They're not the same! Protect international citizenship!

flockbrexit | Jul 13, 2017 | in Custody Battles

Article 20 TFEU states “Citizenship of the Union shall be additional to and not replace national citizenship.” The CJEU has also asserted numerous times that “Citizenship of the Union is intended to be the fundamental status of nationals of the Member States” and that Article 20 TFEU precludes national measures that deprive citizens of the Union of the genuine enjoyment of the substance of rights conferred by status as citizens of the Union. Brexit threatens to do precisely that (i.e. take away the fundamental status of citizenship and the rights attached to it). Therefore EU citizenship and MS nationality must be separated. This would then make EU citizenship a standalone international status that doesn't depend on nationality, which would make it the first true international citizenship.

That is precisely why the goal of this initiative is: to draw the line between nationality (national citizenship) which is a state of allegiance to a nation-state, and EU citizenship (international citizenship) which allows us to overcome the divisive rhetoric of nationalism that is based largely on the accident of birth (jus soli and jus sanguinis).

Best part? It's largely based on the academic opinion of CJEU President Lenaerts himself and we designed this idea to reach him and the rest of the court. But we need one million signatures with minimums in seven different countries, so we millennials need to flock [against] Brexit if this idea is even going to have a chance.

The registration page is here:

The signature page is here:

Rules for signing can be found here: 

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Tricia Gallagher Jul 13, 2017

As a Scot I think this is a very positive way forward. I'm signing!

flockbrexit Jul 14, 2017

Thanks so much! If you can he;p us share it on facebook or twitter it would also be amazing! Sorry that you have to live with this sort of worry about your future but we're trying to help!

Valeria Vigilante Jul 13, 2017

This is a very good initiative. It can be a good solution for those British people wishing to retain their EU citizenship even after Brexit.

flockbrexit Jul 14, 2017

Glad you see it that way as well! :) Now the challenge is reaching the one million signatures...

Liam Robson Jul 14, 2017

I think embedding this idea of 'European' citizenship can be incredibly divisive in itself - how is creating citizenship and identity on a continental scale different to citizenship and identity on a national scale if you're a non-European, living in a less privileged part of the world? The EU already looks like a protectionist, elite club to many of the poorest.

We 'internationalist' Europeans need to think a bit less about ourselves and more about those who aren't privileged, white, Europeans.

Plus, it's a shame to link national identity to the 'divisive rhetoric of nationalism' in such a way! National identity simply recognises that we have differences in culture, history, and sometimes views, and that we can still be friends and work together. Surely that's a more optimistic view and something we should encourage - it's how the world functions, without any need for citizenship on a continental scale.

flockbrexit Jul 14, 2017

I get your concerns about this feeding into the "elitist" idea but we have to look at the bigger picture here...
There's no need to 'create' a European citizenship or identity, it's already there legally (since 1992) and politically (if you notice the amount of anti-Brexit backlash that led to...well, too many things, including this site where we are talking). So all we are doing is protecting it from precisely the nationalism that is trying to divide Europe [again].
You wrote that "it's a shame to link national identity to the 'divisive rhetoric of nationalism'" but you also started with the suggestion that "this idea of 'European' citizenship can be incredibly divisive in itself"... isn't is more divisive to defend nationalism (i.e. fictional borders and a national narrative that divides Europe into chunks) than to protect and push for a stronger Union citizenship?
I absolutely agree about the point that "We 'internationalist' Europeans need to think a bit less about ourselves and more about those who aren't privileged, white, Europeans." but this initiative was actually created by a non-privileged, non-white Mexican (who didn't even have the right to file or sign it). No one is saying that national identity, culture, and history are not important, the point here is that we have a more common humanity that needs to be recognized and protected. The best way to help non-privileged, non-white, non-Europeans is to guarantee rights regardless of what country you come from, and EU Citizenship is the first step towards a more inclusive "world citizenship" that guarantees human rights in spite of nationality. :)

Liam Robson Jul 14, 2017

I understand where you're coming from. I think it's a case of two mutually exclusive world views really. Personally I don't think the idea of borders being 'fictional' will gain much momentum –nation states with borders are especially important to marginalised groups e.g the importance of Bosniaks having their own entity instead of living under the control of Serbs in Yugoslavia. The broad idea that taking down borders and dismantling nationalism = social justice is too simplistic.

But it will be interesting to see where the debate leads!

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