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A Scottish Border

Alice Stewart
Alice Stewart | Jul 13, 2017 | in Get Off My Border

Scotland voted decisively to remain in the EU, and even today it became apparent that Westminster is using the Repeal Bill as a "power grab" and power will be transitioned to the devolved governments. Time and again the government has demonstrated disregard for the desires of the devolved administrations and I certainly do not feel reassured that Scotland will end up with these powers. I think we should install a soft border between Scotland and England and allow Scotland to have as close as possible a relationship with the EU.

Tricia Gallagher Jul 14, 2017

I absolutely agree. Scotland's vote for a continued partnership with the EU must be respected.

Tollak Bowitz Jul 15, 2017

Interesting thoughts! Out of curiosity, how soft should the border be? And how close could Scotland become to the EU..?

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Tom Badley Jul 15, 2017

Scotland needs to decide if they are with the UK or with Europe. There is no other way.

Alejandro Newsome Jul 19, 2017

Do I hear 'referendum'..?

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