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A Scottish Border

Alice Stewart
Alice Stewart | 7 months ago | in Get Off My Border

Scotland voted decisively to remain in the EU, and even today it became apparent that Westminster is using the Repeal Bill as a "power grab" and power will be transitioned to the devolved governments. Time and again the government has demonstrated disregard for the desires of the devolved administrations and I certainly do not feel reassured that Scotland will end up with these powers. I think we should install a soft border between Scotland and England and allow Scotland to have as close as possible a relationship with the EU.

Tricia Gallagher 7 months ago

I absolutely agree. Scotland's vote for a continued partnership with the EU must be respected.

Tollak Bowitz 7 months ago

Interesting thoughts! Out of curiosity, how soft should the border be? And how close could Scotland become to the EU..?

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Tom Badley 7 months ago

Scotland needs to decide if they are with the UK or with Europe. There is no other way.

Alejandro Newsome 7 months ago

Do I hear 'referendum'..?

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