Generation Brexit

Keep Calm and Carry On- Even if your unsure

A big problem with Brexit is how much energy it takes up. Brexit's complexity is fairly obvious from all the news media, but all this white noise has drowned out the fact that while the Brexit negotiations continue life is continuing.  Our government's energy is focused on the massive Brexit task at hand, while there are many other issues take a back seat. The government needs to continue to work towards helping everyone within the UK flourish, as well as showing the rest of the world that the UK is still open for buissness. In essence, the government still needs to act like a functioning government while it deals with Brexit. I'm not sure how you feel, but I think this is an element which has been lost within the whirlwind of political trauma that has been the last year. 

edited on Jul 13, 2017 by Isabel Flanagan

Tobias Jacobsen Jul 14, 2017

The big problem that I see is that there is no strong and stable leadership....and really not much leadership at all.

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