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Fewer EU citizens = higher wages

Liam Robson
Liam Robson | Jul 14, 2017 | in Custody Battles

From the Financial Times today: "The owner of pizzeria chain Franco Manca warned that the Brexit vote had started to affect the availability of European restaurant staff in the UK, potentially pushing up wages for new hires.". 

If fewer EU workers in the UK means higher, fairer, wages for workers, should we really fight against this? Especially in the context of the real wage stagnation/depression that we're seeing.

It's ordinary young people in particular who fill these type of minimum wage roles – with so much cheap competition. 

This is precisely why many people voted for Brexit. 

What does everyone think? 


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Tom Badley Jul 15, 2017

Totally agree. British jobs for British workers with better pay is why we voted for Brexit.