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Letting students stay

Isabel Flanagan
Isabel Flanagan | Jul 15, 2017 | in Custody Battles

Right now the government has proposed that all EU citizens who have lived in the UK for the last five years will have the right to stay in the UK. However, I think students should be part of this plan. A student from the EU studying in the UK may have stayed 3(maybe 4) years for their undergraduate degree, and masters takes one (maybe 2) years. To ensure the next generation of thinkers is diverse, we should ensure that these students taught isn't the UK are given the option to stay. The more bright ideas in the country the better. 

Alejandro Newsome Jul 19, 2017

I completely agree with you! Especially bearing in mind that our contribution is incalculable. We offer an international and diverse dimension to British universities, allowing for British students to add a cosmopolitan element to their studies without having to enroll in Erasmus programs. Also, because we are not entitled to loans covering our living expenses, we add to the economy by working on zero hours contracts and by spending in the UK a great deal of money sent to us by our families in our home countries. British universities and companies should strive for the best and the brightest students, regardless of where they come from! And in any case, it's not as if any British student or graduate is ever rejected from anything just because English is their mother tongue...

Tollak Bowitz Jul 19, 2017

Looking at the talk so far, it is definitely possible that graduates could get favourable treatment during the negotiations, possibly due to the arguments you have listed above.

Pol Salvat 11 months ago

Totally agree, it is key that students see their right to stay in the UK being guaranteed. International students bring bright ideas, diversity and progress to Britain. It would really be a pity to see the so brilliant educational system Britain has, being damaged because of Brexit.