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Protect the UK !

Sofia Munoz Gonzalez
Sofia Munoz Gonzalez | Jul 15, 2017 | in Get Off My Border

It seems more sensible to either have soft borders, or no reinforced borders at all, as UK businesses will be affected, particularly between The Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland. However a big selling point that drove people to vote out was the reinforcement of the UK borders, so where are we left? With some borders being reinforced and some not?

Tollak Bowitz Jul 15, 2017

Definitely a critical junction in the time ahead!

Liam Robson Jul 15, 2017

Agree! If some borders are enforced and some aren't at all for whatever reason (Ireland and NI), we'd surely just be wasting resources on the enforced borders.

Valeria Vigilante Jul 15, 2017

The problem is exactly this: to balance between thight border controls with EU member states and a flexible or open border with NI, as many here and in the media are proposing. I am in favour of an open border regime with NI, yet I am fully aware of its problemacity. Is there anyine who might have a more creative proposal on how to resolve this conflict?

Rebecca W Jul 16, 2017

Consistancy is important.