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Should they have the same rights?

Sofia Munoz Gonzalez
Sofia Munoz Gonzalez | Jul 24, 2017 | in Custody Battles

The whole point of Brexit is to change the rights of both EU and UK nationals, both inside of the UK and in other European countries - including their right to move and reside freely. Now, what these rights will look like, are at the moment unknown, but we can defiantly expect peoples movement to be restricted and this includes the right to study, which might in the future require EU nationals to pay international tuition fees in the UK, and the same for British citizens in other European countries. 

Valeria Vigilante Jul 24, 2017

Losing human resources in terms of student and researchers because of visa restrictions will damage universities in the UK and across the EU, as many departments and research projects have international teams. There should be different conditions for students, on both sides. I am concerned on the use of the term 'rights' which can have strong political connotations.

Sofia Munoz Gonzalez Jul 24, 2017

I agree with you Valeria, It will be interesting to see what the conditions for students in particular will be, and what impact this will have on human capital to universities and their international teams. However Brexit will most likely change the legal rights of both UK and EU nationals, but I do agree that the term should be used with care, as it does have strong political connotations, but it can also be used as a term to defend the rights of these demographics. Ultimately what we're talking about is the legal rights that the respective groups should have in each others countries, ranging from residency rights on to taxation laws/agreements between the countries.

Alejandro Newsome 11 months ago

That's very true... the only difference is that whereas most European universities are free (or very cheap), the UK has one of the most expensive higher education systems in the world :(

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Pol Salvat 11 months ago

I agree with your statement, but I personally have to add that such closed borders would significantly damage the British economy, people's freedom, and also as Valeria said, the quality of the UK's academic institutions.