Generation Brexit

Rebuilding Divisions

Ellie Couchman
Ellie Couchman | 11 months ago | in Swipe right for Remain

No matter what your view is on Brexit, it is important to listen to and respect the opinions of other people. As Brexit and the election of Trump showed, by not listening to one another unexpected political results are more likely to occur. 

Too many leave voters are unwilling to listen to those who believe in EU membership and just brand them as ‘remoaners’, whilst many leave voters are wrongly branded as racist by remainers.

Rather than being ignorant, we should listen and try to understand each other’s views. There are people on both sides of the political spectrum who have valid arguments and it is only by giving everyone the ability to voice these that we will be able to finally understand what Brexit should actually look like.

Valeria Vigilante 11 months ago

I could not agree more: to be stuck within your own ideas and being deaf to someone else's opinion just because different will only make things worse. Only if we listen to each other, without prejudice and beyond stereotypes, we can hope to shape a Brexit which might satisfy many (being realistic, someone is going to be unhappy) and not only a part of the electorate.

Alejandro Newsome 11 months ago

Couldn't have said it better myself!! Brexit will only be a success if there are no victors or losers by the end of the negotiations. Lets embrace the fact that it is a white canvas, and that everyones views should be heard and reflected in the new agreement!

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