Generation Brexit

Different opinion, still the same respect

As it happens on social media, where we all limited in our own happy bubbles with friends having similar opinions, so I happen not to have many friends who voted 'leave'. Yet, I do know people who voted 'leave' at my University and they were very open and vocal about it. Although we have very different opinions on the subject, we had talked about Brexit and the European Union and we have not stop speaking to each other just because of Brexit. I think that as long as there is respect there is no reason to end your friendship and relationship. As a matter of fact, I believe that we all, leavers and remainers, should discuss with each other much more to see beyond the stereotypes. 

Tollak Bowitz 11 months ago

Definitely important, especially considering how many have felt after the referendum. Some thoughts also mentioned here: ...

Alejandro Newsome 11 months ago

Exactly! Although I am a 'remainer' myself, I do acknowledge and respect that there are legitimate and valid reasons in favor of Brexit. The key to make a success out of Brexit is to engage in mature and respectful discussions with all parties and views (like we do on this platform!).