Generation Brexit

Brexit; a dramatic change on the UK's face.

Pol Salvat
Pol Salvat | 11 months ago | in Swipe right for Remain

The results of Brexit were totally unexpected overseas and after this much-talked about referendum people's views on Britons have significantly changed.

Internationally Brexit is seen as a will to escape from the global debate and to let others face major issues such as immigration. Essentially Brexit is seen as a major isolationist movement. Europeans in particular seem to be rejected by Nigel Farage backers and not welcomed in the UK any more. Therefore Britons are starting to get their comeuppance in Europe, as some people think badly of them.

To my mind Brexit can be interpreted as a Britain First vote and thus the UK's soft power has been quite damaged at a global scale.

Valeria Vigilante 11 months ago

Hi Pol, I think you have highlighted some very interesting points. Have you personally changed your opinion on Britons and Great Britain since Brexit or the rise of Nigel Farage?

Pol Salvat 11 months ago

Hi !
I appreciate your feed back. In response to your question I have to say yes, my views have changed since Brexit. Mainly because I would have never imagined the UK willing to leave the Union. But also Because I believe Brexit is mad I guess I have some difficulties in understanding the referendum's will.