Generation Brexit

Brexit does not mean isolation; common projects should be pursued

Pol Salvat
Pol Salvat | Aug 3, 2017 | in Breaking Up/Paying Up

Britain has voted to leave the European Union, be that as it may, cooperation between the Union and the UK can still happen. People did not vote for an end of relations and projects, only for a divorce with the EU.

The United Kingdom takes advantage of many of the European projects, a wonderful example is the Erasmus program, giving students the opportunity to study overseas. Many projects have been very successful, for instance the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).

Such projects have the will to improve people's living standards and are essential nowadays. Therefore the UK should will to continue participating in those European projects. Both, businesses and universities benefit from very kind European funds and could not run well without them. Horizon2020 is the clear evidence of how great those projects are for researchers, and so is CAP pillar 1 for farmers.

It is obvious that we all have to face the same issues and have the same goals, the most important one being people's prosperity. Collaboration would be extremely helpful in fighting against terrorism, in preserving the environment, or in ending poverty among other aspects.

Valeria Vigilante Aug 6, 2017

I agree with you; also, there are some states which are participating in some projects, like Erasmus, without being member states. Being part of some projects, even after Brexit, might also be an incentive for a beneficial and positive relationship between the UK and the EU in the future.

Pol Salvat Aug 9, 2017

Indeed, it is a good way to pave the way towards a good relationship.

Manuela Cristiano Aug 6, 2017

I completely agree with you. As you said, all these projects represent concrete benefits in many fields; ending this kind of cooperation seems so senseless.