Generation Brexit

Education is the only future

I think the main problem that caused a lack of trust in experts or democratic institutions is the lack of educational experiences. People can't really tell the nature of a political issue, they don't actually understand what Brexit is, they just follow other voices or their ego to make irrational decisions. All we can do is to give more education to change the current status, and increase the quality and depth of the education.

Evie J Feb 25, 2018

Do you think that it would be better or even necessary to educate the British public on the political and economic effects of issues such as brexit, or further still, create a standard of education which people had to have in order to have a vote?

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Kristina Griffin Feb 26, 2018

I think the government should train and educate people on the problem before allowing uneducated people to vote, which will affect our future!

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Shreya Kochhar Feb 28, 2018

Do you think that if this had happened prior to the vote the result would have been different?

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Olivia Fitzpatrick Feb 26, 2018

I agree whilst allowing everybody the opportunity to vote, we also need to ensure that these people are correctly educated on what they are voting for and the impact it will have on them and also the economy

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Shreya Kochhar Feb 28, 2018

How can we measure whether people are "correctly" educated on what they are voting for?

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