Generation Brexit

Is this the EU giving Britain one last chance?

I wonder whether this extortionately high divorce payment is simply the EU trying to make Britain think really seriously once again about what it is about to do. Has it set its figure this high to act as a disincentive for the British government? Surely no state would commit to that large a sum of money going to an institution it is supposedly not on favour of, especially when there is so much good that could be done with that money at home (NHS, housing, education, environment, to name but a few better causes). Additionally, this is not a sum of money that Britain will pay in one lump sum; the cost will be spread out over decades, taking away much-needed funds for several future generations to come. I can think of several hundred things I'd rather have my government spend 44 billion pounds on... a desert island for us all to relax on once this is all over perhaps would be a good starting point. 

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