Generation Brexit

Is leaving the EU more important than our domestic welfare??

As the Brexit negotiations continue, it is becoming evident that Britain will receive an outcome with the European Union that is not only worse off than before, but now may indeed harm the United Kingdom further than anticipated.

The costs associated within the Brexit campaign were infamously emblazoned on the side of the 'Brexit Bus' - £350 million per week. The message held the implication that should Brexit go ahead, we would be able to fund our NHS further. But we are yet to receive this additional funding that the NHS so desperately needs. 

With 52 weeks in a year, it would cost £18 billion to fund the NHS an additional £350 million per week. What was deemed a ridiculous amount has just been dwarfed by this exit cost - £44 billion. At this point, we are paying to try and get a 'good deal' for what will inevitably leave us on worse terms with the European Union regardless. How can we possibly agree to this cost of Brexit when our domestic services are yearning for the funding they need to operate?

52% is not an irreversible mandate for Brexit. Will the people have a say as to whether our domestic services are more important than leaving the European Union?

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