Generation Brexit

WE make the UK great, WE should be the priority!

I am a Portuguese immigrant that has lived in the UK for almost 4 years. I did my undergrad in Nottingham and moved to London in September to do my masters. I have changed so much since I first stepped foot in my new Nottingham home, at the age of 17. And in a lot of aspects, I accredit my personal growth to my experiences in this country. 

But looking back, what transformed me the most were the people that I met along the way. And interestingly enough, after living here for almost 4 years and studying in two different universities, I have less than 5 British friends. I have met the most amazing people that come from so many different countries, backgrounds and cultures.

What makes this country so great is that it gives people from so many different backgrounds an opportunity- to participate, contribute and grow in a shared society! What makes universities here so great is exactly the diversity that is represented in this picture! If you look at university prospectus, they all seek to emulate the same feeling that is in this picture- of multi-diversity and inclusion.

WE, the students, are the future. WE, should be a priority in the discussions by our leaders. I want our common future to continue giving us the same opportunities that we have enjoyed until now. Free movement is necessary, but it is not enough. 

I want to be able to work in the UK without needing a visa sponsorship, or waiting hours in airport queues to go through security whenever I want to pop back home for some (much needed) UV-rays. I think this should be the main priority of the negotiations: to ensure that, even after the divorce, the EU citizens will still have access to the same employment opportunities as before, that we will not be asked to pay international fees for university degrees, and that we can enjoy the same amount of freedom to travel to our home countries.

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Tara Hinds Feb 27, 2018

Great idea! the youth are the future and we need to be more active in getting our voices heard and we need more young people to use their vote.

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Shreya Kochhar Feb 28, 2018

I agree, and us young people will suffer most from an EU divorce and I think our ties with other countries are so valuable. A community is such an important thing for us, young people, these days, especially in a globalising world. We’re the future of this country… so the government need to focus on young people when they're negotiating things. We want negotiations to retain the rights and benefits associated with Europe today – freedom of movement, human and civil rights protections, subsidies, the single market – while also tackling inequality that has risen due to austerity.

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