Generation Brexit

The UK and the EU: Siblings Growing up

The future relationship between the UK and the EU should be one that is like siblings growing up. When the UK decided to join the EU as part of an economic union, a new relationship was born. As this relationship developed, there were more tensions, with each side having their own compromises. At the Brexit Referendum, we see the full blown tantrums thrown.

Now, at the negotiation stage, we're looking at some form of reconciliation. So far, there has been an imbalance on transparencies, information, and public opinion but both sides still seem willing to talk. A second referendum? Maybe. More post-Brexit transition preparations? Maybe. The future UK-EU relationship will hopefully one where everything is laid out to pay, where everyone can chip into the conversation, where we try to preserve the rights and freedoms for the future generations that have been available to all those within the EU.

Shreya Kochhar Feb 28, 2018

I agree I think that we should try to keep as many ties as possible to the EU

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