Generation Brexit

Nicoletta Enria 11 months ago

Thanks for this very interesting article - which although I think contains some dangerous assumptions. I do not deny that the UK has been a vital champion of LGBT+ rights in Europe, and that a lot of these changes have come from the UK as a national entity rather than the EU. I am Italian, where LGBT+ rights are light-years behind the UK - one of the countries this article brands as backward European countries. However, in the UK's leading role shouldn't they champion and promote the LGBT+ rights across Europe rather through closer dialogue within the European Union? Noteworthy, is also that the UK has actually been slipping down in the ranks as top champion of LGBT+ rights - and could perhaps also profit from such a dialogue?

Also, regarding the fact that "The idea that anyone voted for Brexit on the basis that it would somehow provide an opportunity to roll back LGBT rights is utterly ludicrous" - I agree, however what I believe is that whilst it wasn't a direct intention but the post-Brexit atmosphere has included an increasingly exclusionary vision of what it is to be British and this hate has also targeted LGBT+ communities. So whilst people didn't vote to target LGBT+ people, a more combative atmosphere of hate that has been condoned by a divisive Brexit discourse is dangerous for anyone considered as 'Other'.

A powerful video and initiative to address struggles for LGBT+ communities in London:

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