Generation Brexit

We couldn't vote, but Brexit could stop us studying in Europe.

Caitlin McDonald-Curry
Caitlin McDonald-Curry | 10 months ago | in My Life My Say

The effects of Brexit will be felt by everyone in the next decade, but the ones who will feel it the most are the people who were denied the vote - the 16 and 17 year olds. By the time many of us go to apply to university, we will feel the effects of Brexit - many of us (myself included) want to go and study in Europe. Brexit will make this a lot more difficult than it is at the moment, Students need to be considered in negotiations over citizens' rights.

Marta Koch 10 months ago

Great point Caitlin, do you believe this would be justification for increasing the minimum voting age in the UK for key referendums like this one?

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Marta Koch 10 months ago

Or for all referendums and votes?

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Caitlin McDonald-Curry 10 months ago

Absolutely. It is not right that people who will not feel the long term effects can vote but we who must live with it the rest of our lives cannot

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