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Ally Yue
Ally Yue | 11 months ago | in LGBT+ rights

The house of commons has voted to reject the only treaty binding on the UK that expressly protects against discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation. The LGBT community in the UK remains vulnerable and marginalized. 

What do you think?

Holly Roper 11 months ago

What treaty was this?

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Ally Yue 11 months ago

Here is the link:

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Holly Roper 11 months ago

Oh god I can't believe this is happening

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Cosimo Mati 11 months ago

I would say there may be mixed signals coming from this government. Just recently, May has laid out a 75-point plan to improve the lives of LGBT people. It encompasses plans to introduce a national LGBT health adviser, tackle discrimination, improve the response to hate crime and to improve diversity in education institutions. Therefore,I do believe that is not Brexit per se that has the potential to threaten the rights of the LGBTQ community. Instead it comes down to the character and ideology of leaders. Alongside efforts to ensure such rights remain in place and get strethened we shall not forget that who we elect has much more significance

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Jay Shin 6 months ago

I strongly agree as the first treaty in the EU that ever mentioned gay rights came from the Treaty of Amsterdam in 1999. On Page 26 of the treaty, there is a mention to “combat discrimination based on sex, racial or ethnic origin… or sexual orientation,” but this only refers on a ban for anti-gay laws in employment. The LGBT+ community, in many parts of the EU, remains largely unprotected from medical treatment to protection from homophobic bullying. The fact that half of the member states in the EU still have not legalized gay marriage shows that these rights are not largely influenced by the European Union. Some may argue that the EU’s Charter of Fundamental Rights exists to protect the LGBT+ community, yet there have been few concrete results.

On the other hand, Britain has always been a global leader in catalyzing change for the LGBT+ community and I believe they will definitely continue to do so. As I said before, the EU has not affected nations individually on LGBT+ rights, so Brexit would not hamper the UK’s ardent support for social rights.

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