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Keep fighting for LGBT+ rights!

Aaron Schöne
Aaron Schöne | 11 months ago | in LGBT+ rights

We must not let Great Britain become the conservative country that it once was. It would be a disaster if the progress that this country has made concerning LGBT+ rights was lost because of the Brexit. The European liberal influences that will get lost as one of the Brexit's consequences must be made up for by the British people and the LGBT+ community - fight for your rights, protest, discuss... And do not stop until everyone knows that love is love!

Fuhan Zeng 9 months ago

I agree. No matter in what situations LGBT+ should be respected.

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Marissa Benavides 7 months ago

I agree. The UK has one of the highest tolerance rates in all of the current EU and should continue to allow demonstrations of support in order to deter a regressive change

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Ji Eun Hong 6 months ago

I completely agree. The UK must ensure to put LGBT+ rights as one of their main priorities. What policies do you propose they pass?

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