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Playing its part in the Refugee Crisis

Brian Hao
Brian Hao | 9 months ago | in Brexit and Multiculturalism

According to a recent British Social Attitudes survey, 73 percent of those worried about immigration voted to leave the EU. Presumably worried by the European refugee crisis, and thus wanting stronger immigration control, this foreshadows a United Kingdom with much less open borders. Now, with the Conservative Party still in power, more and more fear that the UK's withdrawal from the EU will parallel a withdrawal from responsibilities to refugees fleeing persecution.


The UK has participated much less in the refugee crisis than other countries, simply by virtue of geography. This has struck a wrong chord with many, and the UK’s Muslim population has certainly faced some unfair prejudice because of it. Thus, moving forward, the Conservative party should embrace a more global perspective, embracing Muslims both within and outside its borders, serving the spirit of the 1951 Refugee convention. While this is unlikely to happen so easily and to that extent, the UK must play its part in resolving the global refugee crisis, and moving towards that ideal would certainly serve as a first step in doing so.

edited on Sep 17, 2018 by Brian Hao
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