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Nithya Reddy
Nithya Reddy | 10 months ago | in Brexit and Multiculturalism

Britain is rooted in slavery and racism. The shipping docks and sugar cane supplies were located in the heart of London, and the assimilation of Africans into daily English life has been a constant uphill battle. Brexit proved that they, including other minorities, have lost that battle. The increasing difficulty of immigration towards ethnic minorities proves that both colorism and racism has been present in Britain throughout it's long history. Brexit, in all honesty, only revealed this xenophobia. The immigrant population has essentially been rejected by British citizens. It's a harsh undertone to the cosmopolitan lifestyle projected by modern England. In the hearts of white citizens, minorities are unwelcome and treated as second-class citizens. All of the liberalism and progressivism that this past century has inspired took a step backwards. Populism is the growing pains of globalism, and British citizens are retracting back to racist ideals as the world expands. Muslims, Africans, Indians, and any other minority group are being tossed aside. Humanity is at stake, and the self imposed hierarchy that ruled our species clearly puts white citizens on top. This racism is so prevalent and engrained that minorities even practice it. If their country is rejecting them, how can they accept themselves?

Randall Z. 7 months ago

How should Britain fix this xenophobia?

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