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The importance of a UK-EU Open Skies deal

The UK should strike a comprehensive Open Skies deal with the EU which would allow for the continued operation of airlines such as easyJet critical to the movement of people and commerce throughout the UK and Europe. A no-deal would restrict options for both EU and UK fliers alike while significantly hampering the important UK aviation industry. 

John Horan 9 months ago

I do believe that leaving the EU with no deal would prevent airlines from going between UK and EU but airlines could potentially get around this by setting up a European subsidiary to allow operation of UK airlines within EU countries

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Theodor Nichols 9 months ago

While easyJet has established a European subsidiary in Vienna as an insurance policy in the case of a no-deal scenario, non-UK owned carriers such as Ryanair (Dublin-based) with major presences in London and the UK would not be able to operate their substantial UK-EU route networks. British owned European carriers such as Aer Lingus in Ireland, Iberia in Spain, and Vueling (all-owned by British Airways parent IAG) would also encounter issues posed by EU ownership restrictions. From Spain to Ireland and all across the EU, flight networks millions of Europeans depend on would be completely disrupted with the failure of the UK and EU to reach an Open Skies agreement.

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