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Cheap Fish! But There's a Catch! (

One of the most contentious topics in the Brexit Negotiations is the impact the divorce will have on the fisheries industries in both the UK and the EU. A hard Brexit calls for the complete removal of fishermen from the European Union from UK waters which would result in an increase in fish supplied by UK fisherman . . .  

Rutvik Ashtikar 9 months ago

and eventually lead to a drop in fish prices. However, nearly two-thirds of all the fish and related products happen to be imported from across international waters. Naturally, due to the increased trade barriers following a hard Brexit, the prices of imported fishes would significantly increase. In addition, low prices for local fish would reduce earnings for British fish farms.
Certain nations of the European Union stand to lose more from a hard Brexit deal as well. Countries such as Ireland, Belgium, and the Netherlands catch nearly 35-45% of their fish from UK waters. The UK should use this knowledge to their advantage in order to stabilize fish prices within the country.

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