Generation Brexit

Britain is having an Identity Crisis

Bryan Chen
Bryan Chen | 7 months ago | in Brexit and Multiculturalism

Britain's identity is always changing. From the time of the Anglo-Saxons to the Normans and now with the influx of South Asian and Middle Eastern immigrants, Britain's identity revolution has been ongoing. For many British youth, they can't remember what it was like when Britain was a global power. For them, the multicultural Britain is all they know. However, for many of the older generation, they can remember a time when the British Empire was still a force to be reckoned with. Britain's rapid decline in the immediate aftermath of the Second World War was scarring; the largest empire in history shrunk to a few islands in the Caribbean and Asia in less than twenty years. For many, Britain's membership in the EU was the final nail in the coffin; not only was it no longer a global power but it felt like Britain wasn't even an independent nation but rather a small cog in the bureaucratic machine in Brussels. Brexit was the last gasp of a dying empire; a reactionary phase in Britain's identity revolution. 

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