Generation Brexit

Barnet: Safeguarding its future

Daniel Sudit
Daniel Sudit | 8 months ago | in London Borough of Barnet

For Barnet, one of London’s largest and most ethnically diverse boroughs, the impending arrival of Brexit necessitates the discussion of initiatives that will safeguard the community’s well-being and mitigate the potentially negative effects of the nation’s withdrawal. For one, public services, particularly the NHS, are already understaffed and the situation could worsen given that many of its nurses/doctors are EU migrants whose future status in the country is undetermined. Considering that public services are a key sector of Barnet’s economy, the borough needs to push for increased government spending on job training as well as incentives for students studying in health professions in order to better manage university costs, which together could aid in current worker retention rates and the future addition of British citizens into the sectors. Additionally, many of Barnet’s local businesses specialize in retail, which is a sector bound to be negatively affected by Brexit due to people having less disposable income as a result of increased tariffs. Since trade deals with the EU are uncertain currently, Barnet should considering pushing for a scheme similar to Urban Enterprise Zones in the US (New Jersey) in which reduced sales tax (VAT) on merchandise could augment the flow of shoppers to the borough and thus keep its businesses afloat.


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